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For downloading will be given a link to the distribution of the program on the website of the developer.

< h2> Overview Xlight ftp server (automatic translation)

Xlight FTP server is an application for creating FTP server for Windows based systems.

Once the server is created, the user settings can be stored in Active Directory or an LDAP directory server, so the user can authenticate with Active Directory data or against the LDAP directory server.

in addition, user preferences, and passwords can be stored in external databases (and data can be retireved later) ODBC connections.

Every time when loading or loading run, or disk space is low event occurs, or delete operation is detected, the application automatically sends an email as notification. Sessions, and errors are automatically logged with all the details. Magazines transmission can also be stored in external databases via ODBC.

Generated Ftp-server can operate in impersonation to access password-protected shares, and user accounts.

Each user has his (her) own virtual path that is different from other users, and have never vidte other ways, withou the need for user locks.

Ftp-server can run many virtual servers using the same IP-address. Various configuration changes will be automatically applied in real-time, without restarting the server needs.

During data transfer compressed data in real time without any user interaction mode.