WinExt Pro 13.0 EN (+ Keygen)

In my opinion this is the most convenient and fast tool to find duplicate files and folders. Download WinExt Pro for free you will be able to just below

With regards to the program:.
At the moment, a large number of similar utilities. There are both free and paid. For example, in the same CCleaner has similar functionality, but it is presented there in the most convenient solution. But WinExt from TriSun just “sharpened” under the search for duplicate files or folders in any medium.

The good news very fast speed and deep analysis of directories. Also there is a very convenient filter that allows you to accurately search.

Interface WinExt Pro is elementary and easy + has support for the language that can not fail to please.

< h2> Download the program itself free:

After the installation, you will be available free license with restrictions. . That would remove all restrictions in functionality and upgrade to the Pro – use keygen (link to it below)

The order of the “treatment”:

1. Start Keygen ,
2. Generate new key ,
3. Sign-up program received key,
4. all.