Universal Converters

This set contains converter that supports many formats in a specific content type. For example, a universal video converter or converter for documents. Consider them in detail.

Video Converters usually provide the ability to configure a large number of parameters of the final file. This video resolution, and the size and proportions of the image, and the codec with which to encode and, of course, the format. Some programs of this kind make it possible to extract the audio track from a video by converting video to audio format.

Software to convert audio file formats work on the same principles. After you download one or more files, you need to specify a folder for saving files, and select Settings. Multiple files can be converted automatically one after the

the other. The set has a document converter, as well as a program that can change the format of almost any file, regardless of the type of content (video, music, documents, etc. ).. There is also a universal converter.