Tetahiling, Dig yourself

In your life there are nuances that are very concerned about you and do not allow to be completely happy

If at least part of it? these questions you answered yes, then I suggest you get acquainted with the subject tetahilinga. Rather, find out what it is.

Curious Case of Vian

In 1992, Vianna Staybl diagnosed with bone cancer. And they offered to amputate his leg – the tumor was on his hip. But the woman did not give her consent, having decided to overcome the disease with the help of self-healing.

it examined only a few weeks back. And physicians do not believe their eyes, the cancer had disappeared! Since then, Vianna issued invented her method of self-healing in the whole system, called tetahilingom and assures that you can do such miracles

Healing -! With English healed, and theta – special rate of brain function. Generally, there are five – delta (deep sleep), alpha (relaxation), beta (vigor), gamma (apogee of mental activity) and theta (very deep relaxation)

The last state -. This activity of the brain at a frequency 4-8 Hz. This rhythm comes in a state between wakefulness and sleep, and then trained person can handle their own subconscious

It is believed that the known world genius -. Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Dali and others – drew inspiration and ideas is being in the theta rhythm.

Vianna learned quickly sink into it prosonochnoe state and at this moment are setting yourself up for a healthy way. And changes to the foot happens on the physical level – in this and the essence of the technique

How it works

Proponents of the theory believe that each of us has a belief system that we believe? true. They are genetic (from the parents), basic (in childhood), historical (traces of our previous incarnations) and the deepest – the soul (created by us during life)

Some beliefs are useful.. For example, if a child is taught to self-organization, and he is an adult will be responsible, punctual, successful. And if the parents put pressure on the child, growing up, people will think that for the sake of results need to plow and plow. From this it can burn out, the parties communicate, go into depression.

If in the previous life someone has experienced betrayal, in this, says the method, it will be wary start friendships, become suspicious.

Meditation, which plunges man on tetahilinga session, allowing him to start excavation of its root problems.

it is assumed that belief consists of two parts. The first – a card that thought, which increased your truth. And the second -. This followed from her thoughts (program)

Through the excavation using the conclusions of the system, a person frees himself first from the surface programs, then from the deeper and further already on the card – the primary idea that led to the conviction.

An example of the internal dialogue

for example, people want to understand why he was always worried about money. Immersed in the theta state, he leads with an inner dialogue,

We see that the fear came because of the sorry experience of his father’s character. But eventually he realized that to worry about personally he does not have -. The situation is different

Keep a journal

It will help those who are not easy to communicate with them in the form of an oral dialogue. Formulate your problem on paper and start to dismantle its program, moving to the map. Upon entering the theta state will be easier to eliminate the problem.

If most of the questions you answered no, you need to change the attitude towards life. However, not necessarily just using tetahilinga.

Just realize that your thoughts and words and create your life, which means that it can be changed for the better. In many ways, this course will help Vikium Detoxification brain – he will bring order to your self-perception, emotions and thoughts. Part of the problem in this case will be resolved once and will no longer spoil the blood. And the rest of the disturbing moments certainly look with fresh eyes, and life will become easier.