Synfig Studio 1.2.0

Description Synfig Studio

The traditional method of stop-motion animation thing of the past. To create the animation (motion effect) is used, as is well known, fast frame rates. Each of them had had to draw by hand, which takes a tremendous amount of effort and time. Today Synfig Studio software allows you to set the frames in between, creating the animation between them automatically and providing huge savings in time and resources

One of the program methods -. Morph – provides a smooth transition between the two frames, during which you can set the critical points the clips to provide a highly realistic animation. The artist is enough to create a basis for a few frames of the animation scene, and the rest of it automatically makes the program

The second method works -. Chaise animation – allows you to split an object (for example, painted man, machine, wood, etc.) into its constituent parts and separately attached to each of them. Thereafter, each part is changed accordingly – moves, rotates, varies in size to fill the void between the start and end frame. Thus, we achieve the animation effect.

In addition, Synfig Studio on English tracing allows you to create and build a coherent animation of the finished frame. The program supports both bitmap and vector images, and is able to convert formats.