SpyShelter Personal Premium 10.8 + Activation Keys

SpyShelter Personal Premium – Great anti-spyware program. Equipped with a security module in real time, ensuring the safety of personal data. It protects from spyware applications, banking Trojans and keyloggers. It is noteworthy that the protection functions even during the execution of trivial operations such as entering information in the documents, opening files or removal of screenshots.

The application is monitoring for potential vulnerabilities, which allows you to quickly block the actions of keyloggers different levels of complexity to they will start to collect information about a user’s activity. To do this, the application includes several basic modules.

protection unit HIPS monitors the state of memory and registry, and also protects the other important elements. Therefore, a malicious software loses the ability to implement its code and seize control of your computer.

data protection module from the interception of the input time (Anti-Keylogger) prevents theft of sensitive data from your computer, regardless of whether with what information the user is working.

Particular attention is paid to the protection of the image displayed on the screen. Each time you take a screenshot module Anti-Screen Logger checks for signs of suspicious activity, leading to the theft of sensitive data such as bank account numbers or credit card information.

The system Anti-Clipboard Logger ensures the safety of the contents of the Windows clipboard, which during operation when copying or inserting operations can get important information. The module ensures that the data will not be passed attackers

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