SimCity 2000

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United States








January 1994

FM Towns

December 1994

Acorn 32-bit

1994 < / td>

SNES / Super Famicom


TBA < / tr>

SEGA Saturn



November 1996



< strong> Nintendo 64


Windows Phone

October 2001

Game Boy Advance



PlayStation Portable


you once again play the role of the mayor, but this time will be able to fully customize the area prior to the construction of your cities. The main external difference in the game was the isometric view of the city. The objects are now more visible and detailed. In addition, in the game, new buildings, such as the metro, the zoo, hospitals and universities, as well as the increased diversity of the buildings. It is also an opportunity to call the structure, and your city is now surrounded by other cities with whom you can establish a profitable trading relationship. Finally, instead of a public opinion poll, as it did in the first game, you can read several newspapers, to get an idea about the development of the city!

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