Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting

Your business is constantly generating data, which often remains unanalyzed and underutilized. Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables the creation, understanding and usability of your industry data at vast scales.

GearForge Software is uniquely capable of guiding you through the wonderland of IoT. As an IoT consulting firm, we can prove the value of IoT specifically for your operations and validate how those benefits will continue. From simple conversations to early-stage demonstrations of the tech to proof-of-concept prototypes, we’ll advise you through the entire process. Utilize our staff on a per-project basis, or through staff augmentation under your team’s direction.

IoT Consulting & Advising

GearForge Software is an IoT consulting firm. We built and operate two of the only IoT labs in Minnesota, and we’re committed to helping firms in a range of industries harness the power of an IoT infrastructure through custom software and the latest hardware.

We not only help you realize the benefits of IoT, but also have the expansive technical expertise needed to set up, manage, and run IoT systems. We will make sure you get the best out of IoT for your business or government agency.

How Firms Are Utilizing IoT

As IoT spreads, many companies are trying to understand how it can improve their operations.

Operational Efficiencies

IoT expanding into real enviornemnt - Taconite Mine

  • Smart IoT systems can monitor flow rates for any material, and notify staff of threshold low or high rates before problems arise.
  • Remote asset management allows organisations to track assets in real-time and make much more efficient use of their field teams.
  • Predictive maintenance reduces downtime by replacing parts before they fail.
  • Real-time analytics help employees make better decisions.
  • Smart IoT systems can automate repetitive and predictable processes.

Customer Intelligence

  • A deeper understanding of how customers use products allows them to improve product performance and add additional services and deepen their relationship with customers.
  • Companies which once sold products are using IoT to move into higher-value service-based business models such as pay-per-use.
  • Some organisations are finding new ways to monetise the data and insight that their IoT platforms generate.

Safety & Security

  • IoT data analysis can improve the overall workers’ safety and security in the plant.
  • Monitoring the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of health and safety – like the rates of injuries and illness, near-misses, short- and long-term absences, vehicle incidents and property damage or loss during daily operations can ensure increased safety.