Government Contracts

Custom Software and Marketing Solutions for Federal, State and Local Governments

Why GearForge Software?

GearForge Software was founded in 2017 to focus on and develop custom software solutions for governments and businesses. GearForge has created custom software solutions such as:

  • internet-connect hotel carts in some of the biggest hotels and resorts in the world;
  • construction project software for local county governments;
  • connecting medical devices to the cloud; and,
  • creating custom hardware/software solutions for a rental franchise.


  • Software - 35 years combined experience in software engineering, two engineers on staff.
  • Hardware - Marine-trained electrical engineer on-staff.
  • Marketing Analytics - 5 team members hold Google Certifications, we are a Google Partner.
  • Website Development - 250+ websites designed in WordPress and GearForge custom CMS.
  • Digital Marketing - On-staff experts in website optimization, content writing, graphic design, email marketing, reputation management and more.

Core Competencies

  • Software Application
  • Software Development & Programming
  • Web Architecture
  • Systems Architecture, Design, & Administration
  • Software Quality Assurance/Testing
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Expertise
  • Database Architecture, Development & Administration
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • User Experience Design (UX/UI/UXD/UED/XD)
  • Program/Project Management
  • Graphic Design


Custom Software Development

From startup ideas to large-scale corporate systems, complex government software to mobile and web applications, we are uniquely capable of advising and devising solutions to increase ROI.

IoT Consulting

From simple conversations to early-state demonstrations of the tech to proof-of-concept prototypes, we’ll advise you through the entire process. Our IoT consulting team is experienced and ready to advise or implement.

Marketing Expertise

We’ve built and designed 250+ websites in WordPress or the custom CMS from GearForge Software. We are a Google Partner. We also have on-staff experts in website optimization, content writing, graphic design, email marketing and more.

Recent Project Examples

Construction Bid Management Software

Project Description

The construction project is an enterprise project leveraged by municipalities. The project difficulties are re-writing an old ASP technology and a complex backend structure needed for flexibility. The project successes are a user driven interface with an offline part of the project when inspectors are in the field.

Task Examples

Consulting on the backend architecture, front-end mockups and front-end design along with mid-services and deployment. A weekly report is provided to the client.

IoT Hospitality Software Prototype

Project Description

GearForge is providing overall project management for a multi-year project that will be used by large hotels, such as: Caesar Palace, Disney, MGM and Universal Studios. The project difficulties are interacting with a team located in Canada and 4 different states along with hardware that was previously developed by another firm. The project successes are prototyping new technologies to leverage in the portal along with aggregation of terabytes of data.

Task Examples

Consulting in the overall project and assisting with the development of the embedded hardware, code reviews, and limited development of the portal. A weekly report is provided to the client.

Franchise Software

Project Description

GearForge is providing sole project management and development of this project. The project will be used by a national franchise starting in Minnesota and Louisiana. The software is used to reduce the overall complexity of the checkout process, reporting, and streamline processes. The project difficulties are creating software for a process that is not defined and building the software for expansion into embedded devices in the future. The project successes are working across the country to unify processes and development of a mobile-first application.

Task Examples

Design and development of the entire software project including front-end screens, development and deployment.