Guide to programs for reading books

Despite the popularity of PDF, the document format can not be called universal. Moreover, when it comes to mass e-books, they are generally stored in FB2, EPUB, AZW or other similar formats. So the question for many users, what program to open the electronic document to the desktop platform. The review proposed 10 alternatives and supplements to the Adobe Reader.

STDU Viewer

The program-wagon, which supports most of the common e-book formats, such as PDF, DJVU, FB2, MOBI, AZW, and others. It is also possible to view documents in ZIP-archives without unpacking.

The interface STDU Viewer mnogovkladochnom. Navigation (side) panel includes options for viewing contents of the document, search, highlighting, bookmarks, and thumbnails. Thumbnails are processed very quickly. This primarily refers to the PDF and DJVU.

Page Scale varies in width / height or size. view (facing pages or a page) can be changed by pressing Ctrl + Alt + [1, 2, 3] or via the View menu. In the menu View → Options you can set the brightness, contrast and gamma for pages viewed. This option is useful in cases where the text on the page is visible bad (often this is the case with DjVu).

There are separate settings for the format of FB2, MOBI / AZW, EPUB, where you can customize the display fonts, enable anti-aliasing, change intervals. However, the ability to include anti-aliasing of text is not available for PDF. In addition, there was no option to change the page background.

Supported by exports (including mass) pages in a graphical format. You can specify the desired pages, resolution, format (BMP, GIF, JPG, or PNG).

Search the document is divided into fast and advanced. In the first case, the search is performed, starting from the current page, in the second – search results are displayed as a list

Adobe Digital Editions

In addition to the well-known viewer Reader, Adobe offers a program for reading electronic books. . Digital Editions supports synchronization with devices listed here. Only two formats – PDF and EPUB

In the library books can be ordered by bookshelves.. Here the files are sorted by title, publisher, number of pages and other characteristics.

Now, about reading books. Functions – at least. In the sidebar, no thumbnail preview available bookmarks, comments, and view the table of contents. Settings are missing

From the options palpable lack of reading modes,. More than one page in a window can not be positioned. PDF documents of high resolution significantly retarding on the same configuration, where Adobe Reader works without delay. And if the Reader can adjust the resolution and font smoothing, here this option is not available.

Digital Editions integrated with programs for visually impaired users NVDA and JAWS.


If you read EPUB or PDF is easy to find a program, then with DjVu is much more difficult because of the absence of any competition, and user-friendly software in general. One of the best programs for reading DjVu -. WinDjView

As a sidebar to choose from two tabs – Pages and Contents, and the last section is not displayed if there is no table of contents in the document. Thumbnails are processed very quickly

While watching, you can quickly select the reading mode,. Location (paging) scale. Also available a continuous or single view mode. To switch to full-screen mode button is not available, but there are key combination «Ctrl + L». Almost all the necessary tools to work with whom DjVu may not be much, -. At your fingertips

Settings contain all the necessary options for viewing, including full-screen mode setting. In the tab Display you can customize the style of the pages, the smoothing parameters, invert colors. With these options, there is a chance to improve the readability of the text, say poorly scanned.

The DjVu format text is not always kept separate layer. As a solution to the problem, there is the possibility of allocating WinDjView site to saving it in a graphic format (PNG, GIF, JPG, and so on. N.). In the File menu available text export. It is possible in the event that the text layer is embedded in the document. Options batch export all or selected pages do not.

The interface is translated into English, is also available there are Ukrainian. It is worth mentioning that WinDjView is possible to use the interpreter context.

Mobipocket Reader Desktop

The program, modestly calling itself the Reader, in combination also functional converter. In the menu «File → Open» to choose from available just 2 format, but for imports ( «Import») their much more.

The program is arranged simply and intuitively, to add to the library simply select and drag in the Mobipocket Reader files. After which they will be converted into a readable format for internal storage or transport in the e-book ( «Send» button).

During the reading, you can switch to a more convenient mode, for example to reduce the breakdown of the 1-2 columns, change font. In addition, in the «Reading» tab in the settings you can change the size of the indentation, line spacing, background color, and so on. N. The rest of the tabs, as shown, are virtually useless.

Easy cataloging is not provided, although the poor it is also not name. On the one hand, there are handy features for importing, filtering by a publisher, author, alphabetically. On the other – there is a very basic option, creating categories


Most developers porting applications on the mobile platform, in this case, on the contrary, It seems that the mobile version migrated to the desktop.. Generally speaking, atypical interface for desktop viewer, there is no menu bar and additional panels, including side

One of the notable features FBReader – integration with network libraries, you can search and download books through. interface program. You can search by title, author, description and other data. In addition to the network of libraries, of course, there is a local. This includes all files added by the user. They can be sorted according to the same criteria as in the search for network libraries.

In FBReader sufficiently flexible settings, especially in terms of design. However, mobile version users will notice that the desktop version of the indicator is not scrolling, the effects of the coup pages and other important visual features. Restrictions touched and file formats so that the desktop version, as opposed to the mobile does not support PDF and DJVU

Sony Reader

At first glance, the program read Sony e-book makes. pleasant impression. At a minimum, the design looks fresh and original in comparison with other reader».

In order to organize the catalog is enough to import a folder with books through the File menu or drag your books in the program window. You can create collections (bookshelves), sorting available.

However, in the read mode, the program shows its worst side. Text hard to read, and to switch to full screen mode or increasing the font does not save the situation. smoothing technology used the Sony, also raises questions.

Instead of the usual panels Sony Reader is commonly used pull-down (and thus slow down) menu, which is why the same search inconvenient to use. Unstable work even text selection, to copy the snippet you need to make a few attempts to grasp. The settings are 5 options, among which there is not one related to reading

In short, we are dealing here with a fairly functional program, however, in view of the volatility of crude and implementation, -. Unfortunately, little use. Owners of Sony e-book is useful only one function – synchronization device with Reader


Calibre -. Converter, as well as the Mobipocket Reader Desktop, familiar to users of e-books. Nevertheless, there is in the program and the other side – the ability to read documents. According to the number of input formats, it is difficult to find a competitor.

The main Calibre window serves as a library. Where you can sort by the usual criteria such as authorship, series, publishers and so on. N. Reading books is possible through the application e-book viewer. To go into this mode just double-click on the title of the book in the library

The main obvious negative -. Retarding interface. Apparently, this is due to the peculiarities of Calibre GUI library. The most noticeable slowness when opening large books, or when switching to full screen mode and back.

The author of the program has not provided a convenient cover for quick viewing of content, so the thumbnails are not available. With PDF reader observed a big problem, Many books are displayed incorrectly, often available only to the title page of the document

In general, the visual part is not satisfactory.. All colors and fonts are easy to reconfigure to your liking. In addition, you can manage the pages of style via CSS style sheets in your program


Kindle -. Highly specialized viewer. The name can be misleading. The fact that the program is not designed to synchronize the content with similar devices – it just emulates the Kindle software. Available reading AZW format, the book can be downloaded only from the Amazon.

The program does not require any special configuration. The only step that is necessary to pass – the entrance under their Amazon credentials, after which all purchased books will be synchronized with the library

Read mode for its convenience close to the Kindle hardware.. It is possible to adjust the brightness, to switch to one of three modes (white, sepia and black) to change the number of columns, adjust the font size. Change your headset can not.

Sidebar provides navigation in content, bookmarks and search. You can call an interpreter, add a note or a bookmark.

Cool Reader 3

One of the most famous and oldest programs for reading e-books via the context menu. Her profile – reading mobile formats. DJVU and PDF deprived of attention.

In terms of functional Cool Reader is not satisfactory, except for the absence of the library. Zoom, change reading mode, switching columns are present. There are also navigation through the content, bookmarks.

The interface is based on the QT library, native» Linux environment. In Windows, there are problems when reading in the form of improper display of fonts, no normal smoothing, there is a limited set of headsets. In the case of a multilingual document, the text appears piecemeal because of the different rendering of the same language for the Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. Settings do not save Cool Reader from the above-mentioned problems.

ICE Book Reader

Let ICE Book Reader and can not attract convenient shell, but the functionality of the program pleases. The library allows to handle large volumes of data, organize books into collections, search for duplicates, sort by different criteria (for ICE Book Reader more of them than anywhere else). However, it should be noted a very slow scan directories that contain more than a dozen files.

Displays the default page (for example, font Comic Sans) is not conducive to comfortable reading, but it’s easy to fix. Of the additional visual options -raskrashivanie the first letters of the paragraph. Three viewing modes, five reading modes, including smooth scrolling and automatic paging. Speed ​​can be adjusted individually by reading 2 pages of text.