iTools (+ license key)

iTools is a simple application that helps users to iPad, iPhone, iPod touch convenient to manage your files.

The interface of the program in a simple and well organized, so you can view the contents of the device without any difficulty. Once your device is connected, you can view media files, photos, the iBooks and other documents and files

The local library, which is created on the computer consists of three sections:.

  • Applications device,
  • Media files,
  • Other instruments.

< p> module “application” is required to add programs in IPA format or PXL and install them on the device. In addition, you can assign individual tags for each application, to make them easier to identify.

The second section is devoted to the media files that you can transfer from your PC (music, ringtones or wallpaper). In addition, iTools has the function of creating ringtones – you can choose any music file and create your own ringtone few clicks

You can add any number of files, and listen to them using the built-in player.. In the wallpaper can be browsing, and sort images before transfer.

Another advantage of the program is the backup function. You can use the iTools for backup and restore of your folders, applications, SMS-messages, contacts, call history, and system settings.

Manage the contents of your iPad, iPhone or iPod easier if you use such a program as iTools. This is a simple tool with a sufficient set of features. Unfortunately there is no support for the language, but to understand the program of work is not difficult – all visually clear and logical