IoT Podcast Episode 36

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Hello and welcome to episode #36 of the IoT weekly Podcast, brought to you by Gearforge Software. My name is Matthew, and I'm joined by my co-host and good friend, Cliff.

What We Have Been Doing

Matthew : Nose-deep in dotnet core and Vue.js.

Cliff : Testing out various proximity switches.

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Main Segment

Weird and Wacky Connected Devices

Wi-Fi Brita Filter

"Brita teamed up with Amazon Dash to create the Brita Infinity, which automatically orders a new $6 filter as soon as it detects that the old filter has outlived its usefulness."

Jim Beam Decanter

Measures out your shots, but is voice enabled and will give you sassy responses to your requests.


Nest Cam for dogs that can be remote controlled to shoot out dog treats from your phone.

Smart Oven T & C

Velco Wink Bar

Connected handlebar for bikes:

  • GPS-assisted navigation
  • Geolocation (for anti-theft)
  • Smart headlights enabled at night
  • Complimentary app
  • $337

OMNI Smart Cycling Helmet

  • Bone-conducting audio points in the straps allow bikers to listen to audio while leaving their ears free.
  • Collision detection will alert emergency contacts.
  • ~ $200
  • Company: Coros

iDevices Smart Ceiling Fan Switch

  • "Wi-Fi enabled fan controller allowing users to adjust their fan's speed and light with voice commands on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri."
  • Works with most fans.


Smart doorbell that allows users to answer their doors – even if they're not home.

  • Complimentary app
  • Built-in motion sensor that detects movement and streams HD live video to users' phones.
  • 2-way audio via the app to answer the door
  • $149

MicroBot Wireless Robotic Pusher - $47

Ever get tired of pushing buttons? Now you can push the button using your smart phone when you are not at home. You can buy one on Amazon for $47 that will push a button for you from your phone.

Chip Smart Cooking Oven

So it turns out people are pretty fond of that Keurig business model. The Chip is a little WiFi-connected oven that works like the Juicero and Flatev, only with cookies. You buy a set of proprietary "cookie pods," pop them in, and let the oven do the work. There's an app, of course, that notifies you when your batch is done and lets you order new pods as you wish.

HapiFork - $49

The HapiFork is a Bluetooth-enabled "smart fork" that vibrates when it senses you're eating too fast. As goofy as it sounds, it aims to solve a genuine problem in some form or another.


This year Samsung has really outdone itself with a smart belt that analyzes things like waistlines, eating habits and physical movement.

oombrella - unforgettable umbrella - $80

Oombrella is a smart connected umbrella that alerts you before it rains and if you leave it behind!

June Oven - $1500

The June is a smart countertop oven that uses internal cameras, an Nvidia Tegra chipset, and artificial intelligence to recognize different foods you place within it, then cook them automatically. It was made by former Apple engineers, and it's actually available to purchase today. Various reviews suggest that , when it works, it works very well.

(Matthew) Feedback

If you have feedback, shoot us a message at or, you can find us on Twitter @gearforgeiot. We'd love to hear from you.

(Matthew) Wrap Up

Alright, that just about wraps things up for this week's episode. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Cliff: Taking the boat and going fishing.

Matthew: Not sure what the weekend holds, but maybe something in tech that's not the project I've been on.

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you'll join us again for next week's show. Until then, so long and be well.