IoT Podcast Episode 34

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Internet of Things (IoT) Podcast

(Matthew) Introduction

Hello and welcome to episode #34 of the IoT weekly Podcast, brought to you by Gearforge Software. My name is Matthew, and I'm joined by my co-hosts and good friends, Cliff and Zeineb.

What We Have Been Doing

Matthew: Boy's weekend: MTG, D&D, the Matrix, Terminator 2, and Die Hard.

Cliff: Last weekend did the pedicure and feet wax dip with my wife. This week diodes, solenoids and c++. I also got a classic NES.

Zeineb: Surviving 110°F with family.

(Zeineb) Feedback

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(Zeineb) Community News

San Francisco Internet of Things Meetup

Decentralized IoT: Disrupting Telco's

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Main Segment

How a Flock of Drones Developed Collective Intelligence

By Robbie Gonzalez | July 18, 2018

“The drones rise all at once, 30 strong, the domes of light on their undercarriages glowing 30 different hues—like luminescent candy sprinkles against the gray, dusky sky. Then they pause, suspended in the air. And after a couple seconds of hovering, they begin to move as one.”

(Zeineb) Google introduces AI for drug discovery protein recognition

By Khari Johnson | July 12, 2018

“Members of the Google Brain team today announced that they have crafted computer vision for the identification of protein crystallization, claiming accuracy rates around 94 percent. Protein crystallization determines the shape of cells and can play a role in discovery of drugs to treat various illnesses.”

(Cliff) T-Mobile Goes Nationwide With NB-IoT

By Sue Marek | July 19, 2018

“T-Mobile US launched a nationwide narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) network today, making it the first nationwide NB-IoT network in the U.S. The company is using equipment from Nokia, Ericsson, and Qualcomm.”

(Cliff) Electronic stickers to streamline large-scale 'Internet of Things'

July 16, 2018


“Researchers at Purdue University and the University of Virginia have developed a new fabrication method that makes tiny, thin-film electronic circuits peelable from a surface. The technique not only eliminates several manufacturing steps and the associated costs, but also allows any object to sense its environment or be controlled through the application of a high-tech sticker.”

(Matthew) IoT hacker builds Huawei-based botnet, enslaves 18,000 devices in one day

By Charlie Osborne | July 20, 2018

“How long does it take to build a botnet? Not long, if you consider Anarchy's 18,000-device-strong creation, brought to life in only 24 hours.”

(Matthew) Feedback

If you have feedback, shoot us a message at or, you can find us on Twitter @gearforgeiot. We'd love to hear from you.

(Matthew) Wrap Up

Alright, that just about wraps things up for this week's episode. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Cliff: Neighborhood float down.

Matthew: Docker and automation.

Zeineb: Seafood dinner and daily trips to the airport.

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you'll join us again for next week's show. Until then, so long and be well.