IoT Podcast Episode 33

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Internet of Things (IoT) Podcast

(Matthew) Introduction

Hello and welcome to episode #33 of the IoT weekly Podcast, brought to you by Gearforge Software. My name is Matthew, and I'm joined by my co-host and good friend, Cliff.

What We Have Been Doing

Matthew: DotNet core.

Cliff Python

(Matthew) Feedback

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(Cliff) Show sponsor

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(Matthew) Main Segment

(Matthew) New smart city traffic project takes off in Portland, OR

By Teena Maddox

"The project, the first major milestone for Portland's Smart City PDX urban data and technology initiative, involves the installation of 200 Current by GE CityIQ sensors. The sensors are powered by Intel IoT technology and they're being placed on existing smart light fixtures on some of the deadliest streets in the city."

(Matthew/Cliff) Your Guide to Understanding the Current Component Shortages

By Jabil | July 13, 2018

Since 2017, companies managing electronic components have been facing challenging times with successive waves of supply shortages, price hikes and lengthening lead times. A major surge in demand on one side and a critical shortage of parts and materials on the other are straining capabilities to meet demand.”

Calculating the Cost of a Data Breach in 2018, the Age of AI and the IoT

July 11, 2018 | By Larry Ponemon

“Businesses run on risk: They take a chance, place their bets in the marketplace and often reap great rewards. But when thinking about the cost of a data breach, you may wonder about the price for your company and what, exactly, is at stake.”

Who Are the Leaders in Open Source Software for IoT Application Development?

By Stephen Hendrick | July 12, 2018

“The role of open source software (OSS) in IoT application development is unmistakable. But who are the vendors that enterprises look to for open source IoT development tools?”

(Cliff) Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge, now generally available, is key to Redmond's IoT strategy

By Mary Jo Foley | June 27, 2018

Microsoft's service for bringing computing and artificial intelligence processing to IoT devices, Azure IoT Edge, is rolling out globally.”

(Matthew) Feedback

If you have feedback, shoot us a message at or, you can find us on Twitter @gearforgeiot. We'd love to hear from you.

(Matthew) Wrap Up

Alright, that just about wraps things up for this week's episode. Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?

Cliff: Pedicures with my wife & wax dip???

Matthew: Boy's weekend.

Thank you so much for listening and we hope you'll join us again for next week's show. Until then, so long and be well.