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(Matthew) Introduction

Hello and welcome to episode #30 of the IoT weekly Podcast, brought to you by Gearforge Software. My name is Matthew, and I'm joined by my co-host and good friend, Cliff.

Today we've got a special interview with Nick from Vitals™ Aware Services, which is just one of the greatest uses for IoT technologies that we've ever seen and we're really excited to have him join us today.

What they really need now are some advocates to get users signed up for the app. You can hear all about the great work that they're doing during the podcast episode, but if you just want to get in touch:

  2. Facebook: @thevitalsapp
  3. Twitter: @thevitalsapp

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Guest Introduction

Today we're thrilled to get an opportunity to chat with Nick Tietz, Co-Founder and Chief Digital Officer from Vitals™ Aware Services. Vitals is a new app that protects people with visible and invisible conditions and disabilities. Welcome to the show!

Introductory Questions

  1. How did you get interested in technology?
  2. Could you tell me about your background in technology?
    1. Nerdery
    2. UX Design background
    3. Lifetime Fitness
    4. Non-profits

    Main Segment

    1. How did you get started with Vitals™ Aware Services?
      1. Autism Society
      2. Pattern: difficulty communicating with law enforcement
      3. Police data shows the number of mental health calls have more than doubled since 2011.
      4. 1 in 10 response calls involve someone in a mental health crisis.
      5. 2 year study by the Ruderman Family Foundation says that half of the people who are shot or killed at the hands of police have some kind of disability.
      6. Current state of the industry:
      7. No information
      8. Paper
      9. No sharing between departments
      10. Invisible and visible: what does this mean?
      11. How it works:
      12. The VitalsTM app allows users to maintain a personalized profile that can be voluntarily shared with law enforcement and other first responders.
      13. Each VitalsTM individual is assigned a VitalsTM beacon that transmits a private and secure signal to authorized first responders that are within 80 feet, allowing them temporary access to critical information.
      14. First responders are notified in real-time and are automatically given the information to best interact with individuals.
      15. Could you describe the experience from vitals individual user:
      16. Sign up process and setup etc
      17. Could be a caregiver, guardian, etc.
      18. Mobile app + webapp (iOS, Android)
      19. Beacon
        1. Describe form factors
        2. Could you describe the experience from vitals first responder:
        3. 21st century policing
        4. Information available before being in an escalated situation
        5. First responders, can you define
        6. Pricing:
        7. Charge law enforcement
        8. Free to families
        9. Paid services
        10. Beacon as a service
        11. Purchase upgraded beacons
        12. Approved service provider in MN
        13. Could you tell me more about privacy and security?
        14. Encrypted
        15. Police don't have access if not in 80 ft of a beacon
        16. 1st responders have to sign up
        17. No data on the beacon
        18. Remote disable beacon
        19. Talk to me about how this is growing and how you're getting the word out?
        20. 23 police departments
        21. 300 families signed up in the last few weeks

        Wrap up

        1. Do you have any closing thoughts you'd like to leave with our listeners?
          1. Help us create safer communities and Join the Vitals Family
            1. Help us get started in your community today
            2. Sign-up:
            3. Text: “Vitals” to 797979

            Contact Info

          2. Where can our listeners go to learn more about what you do?
            2. half-people-killed-police-suffer-mental-disability-report
            3. MediaStudy-PoliceDisability_final
            4. Facebook: @thevitalsapp
            5. Twitter: @thevitalsapp

            (Matthew) Feedback

            If you have feedback, shoot us a message at or, you can find us on Twitter@gearforgeiot. We'd love to hear from you.

            Thank you so much for listening and we hope you'll join us again for next week's show. Until then, so long and be well.