Breaking Poweramp + MOD unlock the full version


The application that appears in the Play Market stores in 2010. Is the first version, which was at that time, contained some shortcomings and are not big bugs. Producers of the first managed to do something that could not be anyone – the first multi-functional audio player that had no competitors and peers

For all the time after the release of the program, the developer is actively develop and promote it, listen to the views and corrected. all errors and omissions. Version with each month grows, and by the end of 2011, the number of its purchases exceeded 100 thousand people. At the moment, it is one of the most well-known applications of audio players.


After installing the application, the player automatically scans the complete device memory, music files, which after scan appear in the program, in a special folder. Ability to change at any time the name of the folder to transfer music files or completely remove, thus using only one program

Tracks -. Are displayed at once, in alphabetical order, in addition, possible to change and set a specific order type that will display the audio tracks. Press to play music is a snap. If you hold down when pressed, will not a big menu, which is possible to choose, to put the track in turn, add to playlist, details, installation of audio for incoming calls and transfer by Bluetooth

Location of the main screen of the program exceeds expectations. that speaks of quality elaboration and easy to use interface. It shows the advanced features, buttons, most attractive cover, the title track and the album in which the track
The undoubted merits of the application, which exceeded expectations,.

  • Have a trial period and a long term 15 days,
  • Support for various languages, including English,
  • Do not take up much space in memory,
  • The application is assigned to the account associated with, but not to device. That is why it can be used with various devices,
  • Listen to music of high quality,
  • Advanced visualization choice

The weak can only note only -. The app is not free , although the price is best.