Guide to the offline-browsers. Part 1.

While viewing a web-pages, you must be connected to the Internet. The contents of the documents located on remote servers, and the browser, you must have continuous access to the Internet. Meanwhile, some many people prefer to first save the page to your hard disk, and then watch them already in the mode offline.

Such addictions are caused by several factors. Firstly, some users are still using dial-up connection to connect to the network. Payment in this case most often occurs in the time spent on the Internet. As a consequence, much cheaper as quickly download site, and then calmly and without haste to get acquainted with its contents. The second reason, forcing stored on the hard drive web-page is in low-speed connection to the Internet. Long and boring to sit and wait for it to start the entire website. It is more convenient to save it on the hard disk, and then without much pause to switch between documents. And the third reason for the transfer pages on the local machine is rather a psychological factor. What if tomorrow the internet will not be? We will break the cable provider, but at home, in addition, the phone is shut off for nonpayment. And yet, no Internet to find important documents impossible. This option is unlikely events, but insurance does not harm anyone, it is the motive that encourage the preservation of web-pages.

The use of traditional browsers conservation sites is not entirely rational. You can, of course, to write separate pages to your hard drive, but they are not linked. Clicking on the link to some local paper, you can still refer to the web. In order to preserve the site, consisting of a set of pages, special applications are used – offline-browsers. They allow you to change the links in the documents so that the page loads the entire site was conducted from a local disk, not from the Internet. BackStreet Browser 3.1

Many popular category of software products have long presented a completely free program, or they dominate. Paid browser – is nonsense. A few months ago, you could read the guide text editors – there is also almost all products free of charge. The list goes on for a long time, coming to a logical conclusion. Popular software is gradually becoming a free, highly specialized products naturally continue to spread for a fee. You want exotic – pay. Of course, all this applies to Windows world, so Linux as an alternative universe was originally built on the principles of freedom of software distribution.

Offline-browser probably still worth attributed to the exotic. Not everyone needs to be stored on the hard drive copy of the site. They can also view and a human being, through the Internet, open a standard web browser. But if the home network is not available, and the internet is free, then why not download sites at the office, in the background, without detracting from the direct duties. And at home, sitting comfortably, with a baby on his knees, with his wife behind him, start quiet, leisurely watching your favorite web-resource updates. In other words, of offline-browser -. It is, though not massively, but someone really need

The result of all written in the preceding paragraph is paid status of most of the programs discussed in the guide. There are, of course, and a few free apps, but not all of them, to put it mildly, a full-fledged. Not so strong altruism or naked thirst for glory, when it comes to offline-browsers. But there are pleasant exceptions. One of them is the next participant guide.

BackStreet Browser is a full offline-browser, has a mass of useful properties.

Local library sites are presented in the form of a workspace, Workspace. Sites inside it arranged in a linear list. He revealed, and you can see the structure of the site, similar to the left panel of the Explorer. Workspaces can create a lot, keeping them on the hard drive in the form of descriptions of the files.

The right side of the window is divided into three parts. Top displays a list of files in the current folder on the server. If on the other hand the document standing with a clock icon, it means that the file resides on a server, it has yet to receive. The following Internet Explorer toolbar. This is its official name. Inside it displays the contents of web-pages. IE uses a system component and giving the name of the panel. At the bottom shows the site downloads. You can see which pages are being transmitted at a given time.

The program supports interrupted download site anywhere. At the same time, an automatic lock. Links become local. By default, this only happens to those documents that have already been taken. The rest of the links remain intact, guiding you to the network.

The program allows you to change the setting load the default sites. In other words, you do not need every time to press the New button, and then change a dozen options. Suffice it once to select the most appropriate of settings, and then start downloading a couple of mouse clicks.

You can choose the depth of processed links. Most of these programs believe that the zero – is to download only the current page, the unit – processing of all references to the main document, and so on. In BackStreet Browser depth scale reference works differently. She moved up by one. That is, zero does not exist, and one – is to download only the current page. You can also make local links in the case of downloaded documents indiscriminately and do not change them at all.

File filtering can be carried out according to their content and address. In addition, it is possible to specify the range of sizes for every occasion.

The program allows you to use HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and File. You can choose any of them, or to use in the project all the options at once. It is possible to specify connection parameters, such as the authorization rules and the proxy server, if required.

The toolbar contains a schedule connection speed. You can real-time adjust the maximum number of connections. The help system BackStreet Browser contains not only a complete description of the application, but also a small FAQ.

Check & Get is an independent bookmark manager, which, among other things, allows you to view sites in local mode. The program also has the means of monitoring sites.

Working application window overloaded buttons different menus, making the interface can not be called simple. And though, after some communication with the product you realize that virtually nothing is superfluous, but still remember the purpose of each button and bookmarking easy.

The layout of windows reminiscent of e-mail clients. On the left is a list of bookmarks. At the bottom of the panel displays a snapshot journal sites. The main part of the window is divided into two panes. Top displays the contents of the current folder, that is, the group of links. Below is the browser. In its view the site.

The principle of such a program. You create links schedules to update them. Loading pages takes place in the background. At any time, you can open the program and start browsing websites in local mode if, of course, they were before that, once loaded.

The same principle of operation is useful when using a dial-up connection. The program connects automatically to the Internet, download all the required data, and she herself is disabled. You are only required to sit at any free time at the computer and in the local mode, see the sites. As a consequence, by default, the program suggests using a dial-up modem, but not a permanent connection to the Internet. When accessing the site, the program can identify not only as Check & Get, but as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

When you start the application, you can import bookmarks from several browsers. It came to nothing oblige, because the default schedule their load is not set – the program will not be without your instructions to access the Web. In addition to the groups of links that appear by default, and imported elements, proposed a number of virtual folders, which are the search results

The first of these -. It changed pages. Check & Get has the ability to regularly check the links. If there are changes on the page, they can be counted, and when the show then select. The second group – labeled sites. On the contrary any bookmarks you can put a mark – the green check mark. A list of all such sites can be assembled into a single group. A similar mechanism is present in the Google mail service, only there as an indicator mark stands yellow star.

All the tabs that are configured to automatically check for, assembled in a separate group. And, on the contrary, do not check the links highlighted another folder.

Check & Get can check links for relevance. If any site no longer exists, this fact will be reflected in the program. For these references is given a special folder.

Links to be scanned, are going to turn. You can see it in a separate folder. In addition, it is possible to view a list of loaded currently websites. By default, you can simultaneously receive pages from the five sites.

When you first load the page, you get a short description of the site and a list of its keywords. Automatic Updates Schedule page is defined very simply – specified time interval and introduced its quantitative value. Supported by minutes, hours, days, weeks and months. At the bottom of the dialog box is an indicator of the current state of the tab. You can start it manually update.

When you change the page, a user is alert. However, you can restrict certain keywords. If they have changed – an alert occurs, and otherwise – there is no

Notification is done by showing the small window next to the system tray Windows.. A similar technique is used in some email clients. In addition, you can send an email with information about the page update. Additional features allow you to enable alerts beep.

The program allows you to store on the hard drive multiple copies of the same page. This allows you to more accurately keep track of all the changes taking place in it. The maximum number of copies equals four.

For more page properties include, first of all, the description of signs of differences detected. You can also specify a minimum number of changed lines, words, links and images. In addition, some may be instructed to ignore symptoms. This includes text or image, links, hidden text, words with numbers. No matter how varied the data, the program ignores them.

You can specify certain keywords, change which leads to the display of the notification. In words you can use masks. Furthermore, the use of filters allowed. They are text string. They can use regular expressions. Changing filter according to the rules, is also a signal to the alert display.

Check & Get has a mass of additional service features such as local database compression, its encryption. The program resides in the system tray and virtually makes itself felt in everyday work. Only update pages leads notification mechanism in place.

One of the drawbacks of Check & Get is the inability to download entire sites. The program can not change the links on the pages so that they were on the local documents. On the other hand, Check & Get has excellent tools for monitoring sites changes.

The main thing is that the program worked, and the rest is secondary. Apparently, so the developers argued DownloadSite, which has a nondescript exterior design. no toolbar He, the information content of the main it is minimal. However, it interferes with offline-browser download sites, and then watch them without requiring an internet connection. The unregistered version of the application displays a banner that is removed after entering the serial code.

To create a new project, simply enter the address in the line Site URL and press the Download button. But before that, you can customize the download site. Configuration is done from the Settings menu. Download area restricted to the number of links levels, as well as the maximum number of files in the project. Restrictions on the types of files are primitive. You can only specify the download text files, graphics, and other types. No manual input extensions. Separate option allowed to download files from other sites. You can also enter a maximum file upload size. And finally, there is the option of downloading the project only from the current directory of the server or to the entire site.

In fact, on that opportunity DownloadSite end. The help system is, in fact, one small paragraph. However, the more such a program is not required.

Any program in the first place, must perform its essential functions. For example, offline-browser should be downloading sites. They then can be viewed without an internet connection. Everything else associated with the design, with the service – is secondary. Yes, the user selects the most suitable product and sometimes ready to pay for it some money. But this is not critical. GetLeft – a free program distributed open source under the GPL license. The developer is not trying to please all users of the world, creating the most functional application. However, being offline-browser sites it still retains well.

When you start a new project you are asked to just specify the URL, and folder on your hard drive where the site will be maintained. Formally, we can already start working with the default settings. However, you can adjust some parameters of the project by going to the options screen.

You can specify the number of levels of links to be processed at loading site. Zero means downloading only the current page, the unit causes the program to download all the documents that are referenced from the main URL. You can also let GetLeft load external links that lead to other sites.

A bit strange work on the images being blocked. You can download all images, only small format, or do not get anything. Which means “small format” -. It is not clear

With the filter of choice shall specify the file name extensions that are allowed to be loaded. Then again, some incomplete. You are invited to a list of extensions of the twelve points, but you can not add your own types.

The program supports update sites. Also included in the GetLeft simple scheduler that allows you to perform a load operation on schedule projects. This feature is well combined with the possibility of renewal. It becomes automatic, the user does not need to constantly monitor the relevance of sites.

Before downloading site, you can get his card. If the project load time disconnection has occurred, then the work can be continued from the interrupted place. Many of the properties of the project can be changed directly from the main menu without having to open special windows.

Background GetLeft system comprises a HowTo, a list of recommendations on how to perform the most popular operations with the program.

Grab-a- Site – compact offline-browser, which has, however, all the basic functions related to the conservation of entire sites. The first feature of the program is its first start. You are urged to register. To refuse this offer can not be flattering. Fortunately, the money for the registration is not requested. You can directly buy the product and use a trial period of use.

Create a new project by using the wizard. First you are asked to specify the path on your hard drive that will store files. Then the operation proceeds to step mode. You specify the URL, and, if necessary, you can compose a text description of the project. In the second step you enter a number of processed reference level. By default the unit, ie the home page is loaded, and all the documents that are available in the references. The third step – the choice of file types that are allowed to be loaded. You can choose from the list of applications, audio, video and images, and also indicate extensions manually. Only you entered types of files can be downloaded from the web. At the last stage, a choice –
To load the site now or do it later

The program does not have a local library sites. Inside the main window always shows only one current project. The left panel represents the structure of the site. Справа отображается список файлов. Встроенного браузера нет. Просмотр сайтов осуществляется с помощью сторонних приложений.

В свойствах проекта можно указать несколько дополнительных параметров. Например, вы можете выбрать правило загрузки ссылок. Имеются две опции, позволяющие получать данные только с текущего сайта или только из директорий, расположенных ниже. Если не выбрать ни одну из них, то загрузка будет происходить из любого места.

Настройки программы позволяют указывать максимальный размер принимаемого файла, а также ограничивать время загрузки. Эти опции действуют на все будущие проекты.

Grab-a-Site обладает англоязычной справочной системой, написанной в классическом ключе. В ней описываются возможности продукта, его интерфейс.