GPU-Z Portable eng – download portable version of GPU-Z

GPU-Z Portable – is a small portable program that will tell you everything about your video card and GPU. Her firm has developed TechPowerUp. This program is designed for the Windows operating system. It supports graphics devices from companies such as N’Vidia, AMD, Intel.

In the version of GPU-Z Portable eng interface has been translated into English and is so simple that it will be able to understand even a novice in the computer case. The functions that it performs are discussed below. Also, you can download it from our website.

Introduction to interface GPU-Z Portable

Immediately after starting the utility GPU-Z Portable on the top panel and on the first tab called card , you can see all the specifications video card installed or your computer or laptop. And the program immediately determines the discrete graphics card and built-in motherboard and will give you to choose the characteristics of some of them you will need to view.

At the bottom of display the GPU-Z Portable interface on the screen there is a small window in which is inscribed the name of your GPU. If two of them – discrete and integrated, then move the cursor over this window and click on it-click. And choose which characteristics you want to see the video card in the first place.

Now that you have chosen one of the cards, the data that we want to learn, let us rise up again and start from the first line with the name name. Here, it is given the name of your video card manufacturer and model. Further, if you look at the left column, then the data indicated on it, we can learn the code name of the graphics processor, video card technical process and year of manufacture. From the right column will know the size of the crystal nuclei and the number of transistors mounted in the video card.

On the next line is determined by the video BIOS version. And then again, the interface is divided into two columns. Let us, as in the first turn to the left column. From it we can find the device ID number, unit operations, the type of video card memory and its size in megabytes. From the right column, we learn about the version of the device, which is integrated in the card. Next Set interface bus and which version of Direct X support.

The next thing we see in this column is the speed of texture filling, which is indicated in Gtekstel s and bus bandwidth. Its unit of measurement in gigabits per second.

From the left column, we learn about the frequency of overclocked processor and frequency of the processor, installed by the manufacturer. Frequency is measured in megahertz. From the right column, we learn about the frequency of the processor, but only this time in the Turbo. This frequency is also measured in megahertz and can be overclocked and preloaded video card manufacturer.

GPU-Z Portable also shows whether the connection technology is included for multiple video cards via a special bridge. If your motherboard does not support krossplatform, we are seeing just the inscription, Disabled┬╗

The last thing we can learn – it is Which of the architectures of computational processes has graphics

tab .. Sensors ┬╗

  • frequency graphics processor (current, min. and max. value),
  • memory frequency (current, min. and max. value)
  • detection sensor device temperature (current, min. and max. value),
  • processor load sensor,
  • controller loading GPU memory,
  • sensor download video graphics processor core,
  • dedicated memory sensor,
  • dynamic memory sensor,
  • the measured value of the GPU voltage.
  • < / ul>

    The user can tick data records from the sensors in the GPU-Z Portable magazine, where after a certain time, will be able to check the past performance with current and determine the needs l and graphics processor in the prevention or thermal grease replacement.

    In a GPU-Z Portable additional option, its developers have created a small button located at the top-right corner, which is used to create a screenshot of indicators.