Wise Disk Cleaner – clean up your PC from garbage

A computer program Wise Disk Cleaner is designed for the Windows operating system. It can help to clean your PC from junk files occupy disk space and makes it hard to work slow. To speed is not reduced, it is necessary to remove from your computer temporary files, remains of applications.

Interface features Wise Disk Cleaner

The program’s interface is attractive and is characterized by an individual flat design language. Elements of the main window are arranged logically, and quick access to the features provided by the buttons on the top panel. Thanks to them, you can quickly carry out a deep, quick cleanup or defragmentation


Functionality of the program provides users with a number of possibilities:.

  • a hard drive scan within rapid deployment to detect junk files,
  • indicator is to demonstrate the volume of purified on disk space,
  • Remove unused Windows programs,
  • delete specific file types selected by the user.

working principle

Initially, the program finds all the junk files, displaying them in certain categories indicating they occupy space on the disk. You can choose what kind of disc should be cleaned of debris and put the timer to start the procedure at a particular time. After the analysis of disk space the user will see a detailed report, including data on the number and volume of junk files released after their erasure locations

The program can detect many types of junk files:.

  • unnecessary system files that were created by Windows,
  • temporary files that have not been removed,
  • files created by different applications.

to get rid of all that you need, click “clean” and the program will automatically perform all the work.

additional cleaning function allows you to put things in order, not only in the system folders, but user . If you press the “Advanced” button, then you can select specific types of files that should be removed. There is an additional tab that allows you to erase the operating system software, such as a certificate in different languages ​​are not familiar to the user.

PC Accelerate is carried out not only by erasing unnecessary files, but also with the help of defragmentation. This process allows, located next to the program files that are in the process can be recorded in various locations of the hard disk. Subsequently, when you open your PC spends more time looking for the right file. To defragment with the Wise Disk Cleaner 10 will place all of the pieces next to that speed up your computer.

It is characteristic that the automatic mode is only available for the “all clear”, as the eponymous tab, there is a scheduler, after the launch, where scheduled operation will be performed in a specified time. At the same time may be drawing up a list of exceptions, if you need to leave some temporary files after a local disk cleanup

Product Benefits

The main features of this utility is the following:.

  • the CPU is loaded minimally,
  • does not need installation, as is allowed with a portable version,
  • Employment Sector distributed data in one area,
  • decreases the time you start your computer.

The utility has proven itself in the user’s environment due to the extensive functionality, ease of use, visually pleasing interface and the opportunity to work without installation on a PC.