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Overview Voxal Voice Changer

The program interface is designed in classic style. Its main elements – the control panel profile to select a voice pattern block to view the frequency characteristics of the current preset logfile stories Action

speech output voksala WIPO Chenzher starts immediately after startup.. During audio capture audio level is marked on the waveform. Desirably, the volume is in the range «Good Mic Level». Note that for the correct work with third-party applications, it is important to choose the right microphone and the device on which the sound is output. The situation we have considered in the corresponding question-answer

Voxal Voice Changer downloaded for free from the interface in English -. You can not download the menu in English for any of the versions windose (including 10-ky)



The program for editing Audio dubbing in real time and record files with a changed voice. In the utility, you will find about fifty voice patterns, divided into thematic categories, available for the function to create your own presets. Voxal Voice Changer officially compatible with the latest versions of CS, Global Offensive, gaming messenger Discord and all games available through the service Steam