Stellar Data Recovery – When returning the files to life

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Stellar Data Recovery – a cross-platform, the software tool designed to recover deleted data from hard drives, external drives, and optical media. Interact with lost data, developers offer a semi-automatic – after selecting “Normal” profile will start sorting the documents, media content and messages with e-mail. At the end of the search will be a special list where important files is put back into place, or – once again moved to the basket


Advantages, disadvantages and price

Stellar Data Recovery – a professional tool designed for both home and corporate use. Due to such a serious approach, developers immediately picked spread the principle, based on a monthly subscription. The cost of the basic version (instead of limited and free of charge with the possibility of recovery of up to 1 GB of data for the time of application) – $ 79 per year. For the sake of additional benefits will have to pay more – up to $ 200. Price though it looks justified because of the quantity and quality of the proposed functions, as well as frequent updates and sustained support from the developer, it is not adapted to the Russian market in many ways – not regional price or translated interface. If you do not take into account these disadvantages, the Stellar Data Recovery is almost inaccessible to competitors


Size: 46.56 Mb |. Platform: Windows | Tablet: lower