Psiphon VPN EN 3 for Windows / Android + Key

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It happens that Internet users do not want information about their activities on the Web has become known to others. Sometimes there is a need to go to the resource blocked for a particular country. Each gadget has a unique IP-address, which helps calculate the user’s location. If a person does not want this information to be known to others, in such cases it come to the aid of simple and lightweight tools, such as, Psiphon .

What is this program, and to what is

Psiphon – a program that allows you to remain anonymous when you visit any website. it also helps you view those web resources, access to which is restricted by the government or the administration of the site. Users can view the desired content anywhere, bypassing censorship. But this program is not designed to evade surveillance.

How to use Psiphon VPN

System requirements are minimal, so the utility will work even on older computers.

After running she is connected to one of the servers, located in different countries, so the IP-address changes frequently. In order not to suffer the speed, it is best to choose a server of the neighboring country. If the latter is used server availability, the system automatically tries to connect to the next.

do not need to manually update anything. Psiphon for Windows automatically downloads and installs updates. The tincture can be a few clicks to change the settings, switch the region.

Features & Benefits

Psiphon traffic passes through the network, so no worries on account of safety. All data is securely encrypted. This applies not only to pages of sites, but also messages in chat rooms, and downloadable files.

  • availability,
  • a simple but high quality crafted interface < br />
  • ability to connect with the service in a single click,
  • the availability of detailed instructions on the work program,
  • compatibility with all modern browsers,
  • the possibility of manual and automatic selection of the country,
  • support various proxy technology,
  • report Findings work,
  • protection against burglary and theft of the password page,
  • disable censorship.

There is a language, which greatly facilitates the use of the program.

From the relative shortcomings need to mention the presence of pop-up ads, and a marked reduction in the speed of surfing the Internet. But against these advantages disadvantages are irrelevant.

Important! The activation key is already “sewn” in the distribution program. You just need to install it on a computer or smartphone – the license is automatically activated