Here you can download the FTP client Filezilla

FileZilla Download and install the English version of Windows 7, 8, 10. 32 or 64 Bit

FileZilla – the program transmits the data via FTP. This FTP-client is free , and has many features to work remotely with the data. The interface is very easy to use and all the functions in English.

How to download FileZilla

To download filezilla for windows free , click the button below and save file to your computer

If you want to install file manager faylzilla on MacOS or Linux -. then you need to go to the links below and download the software for your operating system

Set fileZilla your computer

After downloading, run the installer and agree to the license agreement in the window (I Agree button).

Then select the setting for all users or only current. Press the button «Next». If you select «only for me» (just for me), other users on your computer will not be able to use the program out of their accounts

In the next window, do not forget to tick the «Desktop Icon», to It appears on the desktop shortcut. If you do not check it – do not worry, the program will be in the Start menu. Now click again Next.

By default, the tool will be installed on the system disk C. It did not change immediately and we press Next.

Run and work with FileZilla

after installing the program you want to run. Instantly open window, which is divided into several sections. At the top, as usual, are the basic functions of the utility.

In the box to the left there are the local drives on your computer. In the box on the right will show deleted files, for example, a server or hosting. Of course, you first need to register for hosting and provide data for FTP-connection. Usually it is the server address, username and password.

To connect, you can quickly use the field section at the top of the program. There is the host – the name or address of the server, the User Name – received from your host, Password – also received from the host or you have changed and Port – typically 21

After the registration. Our site hosting provider to your email send basic information to log on to the web property and for FTP connections. Usually it is the following information,

  • IP-address of the server – for example, a,
  • User Name – the default can stand «root», if did not change (but it is better to change to something different),
  • Password – can be changed if desired, but be sure to remember

In the window that opens. press the button New site and give it a name. Now on the right side of the window, trying to drive the following information,

  • Host – the name / address of the server,
  • The port – can be left blank or to register 21,
  • The protocol – via FTP default, but if supported by SSH (SFTP), use it,
  • input Type – hosting providers offer different input types, but usually it is normal»,
  • < li> user – user name,

  • Password – enter the password provided by the hosting company

at the top of the utility window, you can see the connection status, the result of which should occur. removing directories. They will appear in the right section, Remote site».

If you have decided to create a website on a virtual or physical server, a FTP-client as FileZilla is suitable for this purpose very well. You can connect to any computer, acting as a remote server.

Sam FTP protocol is used for a long time and is able to transfer any file and TCP-network folder, using the 21 port. To use it you need to enter the data, usually a login, password and address of the host.

Features FileZilla

Before you can use any software tools, users should be aware of its capabilities. Although the utility is free, it has a lot of interesting features that are absent in other FTP-client,

  • The simplified interface,
  • Russified function,
  • Ability to use not only FTP-protocol, but SSL / TLS, and SFTP,
  • Support for IPv6,
  • the display language Change the desired,
  • Create bookmarks,
  • Drag & Drop function,
  • Support for all types of operating systems, from Windows and ending with Mac OS,
  • Ability to continue downloading or injection data if this process is interrupted,
  • Changing the data rates, in torrents,
  • Site Manager for accessing this web site by connecting to the hosting,
  • Create a log,

this is only a small part of the functions that are in FileZilla. Of course, there is a similar program Total Commander (file manager), but it is a very long time and has not been updated as a secure option to consider better described here in FTP-client, since it uses an encrypted session. Of course, almost the same capabilities available in the file manager Free Commander.

Working with catalogs and data FileZilla

Now that you have logged in to the host, and you open access to their files can be edit. Navigate through the folders by double mouse click. Files with any extension by double-clicking downloaded on to your computer, where they can be edited, and then re-upload.

If you need to make some action with the document, click the right button of the mouse. There will be items,

  • Download,
  • Add files to the task,
  • Delete,
  • Rename < / li>
  • Change the permissions of the file.

You can change the permissions on the resource hosting control panel, but developers FileZilla implemented this feature, and here, it is not unimportant. Permissions are needed to read files could, modify and perform not only you, as the owner, but also to other users. Although it is not recommended for the benefit of protection from unauthorized access.

To upload files to the host, you can have them throw with the mouse in the window Remote Site (feature drag & drop), or left click on a file the right mouse button and select Upload to the server».

We have examined the main features of the FTP-client FileZilla, which can transmit data on the type of client-server. It is free and has many features not found in some of the paid solutions

Video how to use the FileZilla

If you have any questions on using the program -. Be sure to ask them in the comments. We will respond immediately!