Learn more about the program iRoot

With the help of an application iRoot easily and quickly get administrator rights and manage in any of the mobile gadgets with the operating system android.

Appointment With the application iRoot , you can very quickly install root-rights. Because of this will make full use of the functionality of the mobile device.

Admin rights allow you to use settings and functions that are rarely available to the average user, most of them can only be used by the manufacturer. Of the most popular is the removal of system files, battery saving, acceleration performance. However, before the use of the project is better to err and to make a backup copy of the configuration.

Features Installation After downloading the free installation file, run it and install.

In the beginning meet user screen in Chinese. It is necessary to find a single button and press it. The next screen will present a monster and another button. It can be pressed and wait. Operation of the application may last about 3-4 minutes. On the installation administrator rights will testify change the appearance of the monster

Key features,
– Intuitive interface,
– Ability to save battery,
– Removing the system software, – various additional features,
– Support for more than 150 thousand different devices,
-. After installing the application, and need not run overload device