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basic instinct Software

The national program Digital economy pointed out that in 2024 the share of domestic software used by public authorities, should reach 90 percent or more, and state corporations. 22.05.2019 –

How deep frontend- and back-end programmers should be aware of the adjacent stack

To achieve optimal performance from back-end developer must understand in the front, and the front-end developer – in the backend. But how far? What specific minimum for the adjacent stack must. 27.03.2019 – Tproger

English cryptography in the English segment of the Internet, an introduction and chronology of events

The portal BIS launched a cycle of materials about the possibility of introducing national cryptography on the English Internet. 19.04.2019 – IB-BANK.RU

The Internet of Things, a start (II part)

Each new market is faced with many different problems. The main problems in the implementation of IoT-technology that at the hearing – is the question of information security, interoperability and standardization. However, there are some. 08.04.2019 – IT World

Digitalization – Our Future

Technology is constantly advancing, and no doubt they are the future. Commercial director of Active Dmitry Gorelov shared his views on digitization and its impact on businesses. 30.04.2019 –

About Guardant

Guardant – is a set of hardware and software development in the field of software protection against illegal copying, analysis and modification. Electronic keys Guardant protect millions of products around the world and work at the base of DRM to protect the variety of content. Software code virtualization technology by software keys and organically supplement Guardant modern line of products.