Download Call of Duty 2 demo

The company Activision has released a demo version of the single-player sequel military shooter Call of Duty – Call of Duty 2. (Developer – the company Infinity Ward)
The game is developed on new, more powerful graphics engine. Serious work is being done on artificial intelligence of enemies and your colleagues. So, they will have more freedom to maneuver, assignments and new behaviors (fire support, cover, approaches from the rear, etc.).
An important role will be played visibility zone. Smoke on the battlefield or a smoke bomb will make the opposing parties are virtually invisible. Accordingly, it becomes possible for a covert maneuver. A sand storm in North Africa or snowstorms Soviet Union in general will drive soldiers in bunkers
There will be represented by 4 campaign, the order of passage of which depends on the willingness of players,. You can select any sequence or historically correct. [655 mb]

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