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The history of the second of the four other bad guys novel Defiant. I liked a little more. But. If part of a decade ago is still perceived less real (yet spoiled children of the powerful

Mosaic for Angela (SI)

Maybe for beginners slash fans and sets the book. I have not logged in. eyes of different colors och weak excuse for depression and for the drama. It’s not a mole on the floor face. Therefore it is not moved by a single word from the flames

Stained [PL]

The Immortal rose Quinn [LP]

Tear of the ocean [SI litres]

Stained [LP]

it is quite interesting. If you expect something supernatural, then it will not. Just a description of how the main characters are gradually beginning to have feelings for each other (although themselves do not understand.) and

Nicole. The soul of the Demon [SelfPub16 +]

The book is very interesting. described emotions and feelings just fly, colorful and bright. The plot dynamic otorvatsya difficult. Gg sweet, kind. The two main characters I – it’s hard to hold the end of the intrigue. Author fellow