Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot – The first part of the video game series about the adventures of a fun bandicoot, whose name is Crash. Initially he was an ordinary animal, but one has been kidnapped by Doctor Neo Cortex, that is a mad scientist, known for his manic experiments. By using a special machine, the evil genius in the modified bandicoot savvy anthropomorphic being, hoping that he will lead an army of other beings, subjected to mutations. But to take control of the mind guinea I failed, so Crash ran away, trying to destroy all evil plans of a mad scientist.

Escaped hero tries in that whatever was to liberate his beloved Tavnu, which remained in captivity Doctor Neo Cortex. He will complete 3 islands, each of which is divided into multiple levels. At each level, the player can get a lot of lives that are lost in the fall crash into the pit or water, as well as in a collision with the enemy. In this case, you can choose to continue with the last successfully completed level, or the end of the game with access to the main menu.

The character the player spins like a top and jumps, which helps fight the enemies. Jumping on boxes, he can destroy them. In these boxes can contain various bonuses such as extra lives and apples. If, however, gather 100 apples, you can get an extra life. Much less will meet doctor mask, which may discourage one hit the enemy without any harm to the hero. It should also break the boxes with the letter C, which allow Bandicoot to return to the game at this point in the event of an unexpected loss.