Black and White

Black and White – is a simulator of God, which is the original project of Peter Molyneux. You take control of the deity, which is designed to keep track of your tribe, in every way it developing and improving. Also available to you for training and education being -. The physical embodiment of the protagonist

At the main character there are magical powers. The choice available two types – positive or negative. First, you can help in every way to its inhabitants, to grow food, build buildings, collect resources, etc. But the second allows you to destroy your enemies with fireballs, lightning, earthquakes, floods, and other

During the game you will be able to choose the direction of their actions -. White or black. For example, you need to get the subject to perform the task, but it is at the civilians. You can get what they want by brute force, or carry out human assignments, and complete the quest peacefully. And to help in your deeds will be two advisers – demons and angels, each one eager to choose your side

An important role in the project is the temple, acting as a hub.. With it possible to increase the level of MP, increasing or decreasing the visits congregation. But if much to inflate the slider, then the citizens will cease to work, which badly affect the state of villages. Also increase the magical energy can make a sacrifice, especially appreciated by people, but this action will be reckoned as the bad, and affect your credibility.