4 best Firefox add-on for video download

Thanks to the high speed internet connection, you can quickly download songs, games, videos, movies, photos and applications. Almost every type of files and multimedia files can be downloaded in a few seconds or a few minutes. Upload files on the Internet is easy, if you have the right applications.

The five tools in conjunction with the Mozilla Firefox browser allows you to find what you are looking for, and download it to your computer.

iMacros for Firefox

  • Share your macros and scripts from other users.
  • Automate dozens of routine tasks.
  • Can be combined with other web tools -development.
  • The free version allows only a limited setting.
  • Commercial versions of expensive.
  • No support Flash, Silverlight or Java in a free browser add-ons.

Extension of iMacros for Firefox allows you to automate numerous tasks in the browser, including downloads. Use this supplement to customize macros to automatically download full web pages or individual files at a specified time, and then to perform actions on these files. The possibilities are virtually limitless with iMacros, especially when the extension is used with JavaScript code.

Use iMacros to fill in web forms, passwords storage and much more. Just record the action once. Then press the button to repeat the action.

Video DownloadHelper

  • Extensive settings for advanced users.
  • Captures almost any video posted on the Internet.
  • available for MacOS, the Windows and Linux.
  • Add-in can contain errors, especially after Firefox updates. < / li>
  • The toolbar is too complicated.
  • The list of supported video slowly updated.

video DownloadHelper captures and downloads the audio, video and image files from YouTube and similar sites. It also sends alerts whenever a new video is available within the range of your interests in the selected group of sites. Just browse the web page, as usual, and Veo DownloadHelper notifies you when you visit a web page, where he can do something for you.

Download Star

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  • Download web-based resources in multiple file formats.
  • Clear the links and images with multiple tabs at the same time.
  • Works with native download manager.
    • I can not pause and resume the download.
    • There is no dedicated download manager.
    • is only loaded in the default folder Firefox downloads.

    Download Star, compatible with Firefox 60 and later versions, similar to the no longer existing DownThemAll. He instantly analyzes Web sites for media files and displays the icon of downloadable content. If you know you are looking for, use the advanced search filters in Download Star.

    Free Download Manager (FDM)

    • Pause, resume and schedule downloads.
    • The tool is very customizable.
    • Download entire sites.
    • Does not support Windows keyboard shortcuts.

    Free Download Manager (FDM) confusing menu.

  • Anti-virus software may confuse it with malicious code and block it. different impressive support for BitTorrent. Torrents downloading files piecemeal, in order to optimize the transmission rate, and you will not lose data if your connection is interrupted. FDM also comes with a browser sites, which checks the structure of web sites folder.