Internet of Things (IoT) Consulting


Cliff and Matthew were among the very top 5% of engineers we worked with over the past 15 years scaling our company. They’d be a major asset to any technology project...
--Rob (Serial Entrepreneur)

GearForge IoT Definition

IoT is a disruptive technology between the interconnection of machines and devices through the internet, enabling the creation of data that yield analytical insights and support new operations which improves business outcomes.

GearForge IoT Focus

  • IoT Discovery & Business Planning
  • IoT Prototyping
  • IoT Connectivity
  • IoT Data Analysis
  • IoT Programming

GearForge IoT Consulting

With more than 35 combined years of experience, our team is able to design and build custom software and IoT solutions end-to-end.

Mobile application integration, sensors, data, design. With two IoT labs located in Minnesota, we’re bringing sweat equity to your IoT solutions. We’ve worked with a number of firms to create the end results needed to drive real results for their enterprise.

Crafting Custom Software

GearForge has created custom software solutions to help businesses execute on their goals. From proprietary website content management systems to video production software and more, our U.S.-based team is ready to create whatever you need.

GearForge Software Is Designing The Connected Future

With revolutionary ideas, our team can build out the software and IoT solutions you need on a remarkable timetable. Technology is moving faster than ever – don’t let your business get left behind.


GearForge Software was founded to focus on and develop internet of things (IoT) technology and create custom software solutions.


To create long lasting partnerships with businesses by providing business-defining IoT and custom software solutions.


To continuously innovate with IoT and custom software, creating opportunities for businesses to compete against larger rivals and capture market share.

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GearForge Software knows each problem has a unique IoT or custom software solution. We pride ourselves on having some of the only IoT labs in the state of Minnesota, and work with clients across the country to provide unequalled, highly effective hardware and software to achieve success. We hope to work with you soon.

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